The workshop is organized to have several lectures with speakers coming from Europe, and some Latin American Countries, local lecturers and short talks. All the talks are of about one hour long.

The following is the invited speakers list and subject of their talk.

 Wednesday 14Thursday 15Friday 16
9:00hsRegistration / Openning  
9:30hsL. G. FerreiraA. ThiessH. Petrilli
10:15hsR. FaccioS. ScandoloG. Gutierrez
11:00hsCoffe Break
11:30hsN. ChristensenA. JuanR. Laskowski
12:15hsL U N C H
14:00hsS. SfercoP. BlahaS. Cottenier
14:45hsM. WeissmannV. G. PirovanoA. Llois
15:30hsCoffe Break
16:00hsR. AlonsoS. CottenierJ. Guevara
16:45hs G. Darriba