First announcement

Dear Colleague:

The III Workshop on Novel Methods for Electronic Structure Calculations will be held at the Departamento de Electrotecnia of the Facultad de Ingeniería of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata from October 14th to 16th of 2009.
The purpose of the meeting is to do an exhaustive description of first principles methods, the advantages of the study of materials using them, and the importance of the ab-initio methods to predict physical properties.

In order to be able to be in contact with the invited speakers to as well as all interested people on these subjects, we are asking you to visit our web site ( and we ask you to ciculate it among your institutions. We also recommend to all visitors to the website to register themselves as Readers.
For the organization of this event we are using a very useful tool to administrate all the stages of the Conference, and so for here you can find some hints in how to use it.

Registration to the Site:
Anyone can register on the site by going to: and fill the registration form, which will take you only two minutes. After you had created an account in the site, you will be able to access to other features of the site.
There are two different kinds of registrations:
(a) Reader: The readers can view and comment all the documents on the site, and will receive all information about the Conference.
(b) Author: The authors have the same privileges than Readers but are able to send the organizers abstracts and presentations. In this particular case we are accepting abstracts and presentations from Invited Speakers only, so they must check the Authors checkbox.

Attending the Workshop:
To attend the Workshop, you must fill the Registration Form. If you already have an account in the site, you only have fill two fields in this form. Here you will have two options:
(a) Regular: The regular registration is for all people that are not Invited speakers, and has a cost of $ 100 (Argentinean pesos, aprox. less than U$S 25). You may see the exchange rate in the Registration section, at the "About" page. No fee code is needed. The payment can be done at the Conference Desk.
(b) Invited Speakers: All Invited Speakers have a free of charge registration, and they will be asked to input a fee code that they will receive soon in their own e-mail.

Abstracts and/or presentations (for Invited Speakers only):
In order to print the Book of Abstracts, we are asking all Invited Speakers to follow the steps published in the Call for Papers or Proposal Submission, where with a few steps form you can upload the abstract of the talk to be published in the web site.
In case you wish to send us a file with a longer text, figures and/or tables or your presentation, you can also upload supplementary files. With all these additional information we will made an electronic conference book which will be distributed among the participants.
This Submission tool has all the steps of a regular paper submission, even the reviewer's one, but these will not be applicable in the Workshop.
To finish the edition of the Book of Abstracts on time, we are requiring all Invited Speakers to submit their works before September 1st.

First day of conference and registration: October 14, 2009
Last day of conference: October 16, 2009

Author registration opened: May 1, 2009
Author registration closed: September 1, 2009
Submissions closed: September 1, 2009